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Here you can find all the services that us of LED DISPLAY SOLUTION can offer to our customers.


We are always able to provide tailor-made solutions to best meet the needs of each customer.
Our technical know-how, combined with a wide selection of quality products, allows us to face the most technically complex installations with complete peace of mind, finding the best possible configuration together with you.


We offer our customers a 360 ° managed design service. Our design can be INNOVATIVE: where possible, we design and develop a new product. Otherwise we can do an ADAPTIVE design together with you: we adapt or revise an existing product with you or we can make different variants of an existing product for you (VARIANT DESIGN).

The product is thus of superior quality but above all the uniqueness will be noticed over time.


Leveraging our knowledge and technical skills, we are able to produce the best led wall to meet your needs. If none of the classic market configurations satisfy you, then contact us and we will be able to offer you the best.
And if the project requires it, we will produce it specifically for you, so that you can have a quality product, durable and above all unique.


Our products are easy to install and configure. But if the project requires it, we have the right people to perform any type of installation.
Together with you we will be able to do first of all inspections and thus identify the type of installation, the materials to be used, the systems essential for the correct functioning of the screens/panels.
We are committed to supporting you at every stage of the project.


We are always supplied with spare parts available for replacement and urgent interventions.
Our technicians are able to intervene on site and replace the device or parts of it.
Furthermore, most of the products we use have a frontal maintenance system that facilitates and speeds up the intervention operations.


Our customers can always rely on a complete and effective support, fast and punctual, both for the purchase of spare parts and the set-up of the screens.
This is undoubtedly a considerable advantage for products intended to be productive for at least 10 years!


We are a competitive company thanks to the continuous research of the best commercial partners able to always offer the top quality in the led wall market.
Contact us and we will soon be able to offer you a sales quote that will satisfy you! Try us!


Contact us and we will be able to manage events, shows, fairs and rent all the devices even for a few days.
We are structured for the rental of devices such as LED Wall Indoor and Outdoor, Video Wall, Totem, etc.
The products can be rented in the short term complete with support structures, assembly and disassembly service, with the presence of technicians specialized in content management and programming.